Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

MNS web creations believe in the strong practice of rules that dictate the privacy of its uses and bring to you this privacy policy to ensure that your use is safe and completely protected here smartly. We request you to follow the terms of the privacy policy mentioned below or better not use this website as you are not ready to accept it and hardly care for others privacy, so either you respect it or better not use the website further. It is integral to users of the website that such a policy must be designed for users or visitors so they can feel safe and can use the website without fear of misuse of their personal information with third parties or any other unknown person on the act and can check and place orders for certain web projects.

Personal information

  • We may gather personal information such as name, phone number, address, and email while asking or requesting that you fill in forms on our website.
  • We have no intent to use this personal information for any other purpose and assure web visitors that the information is protected in the strongest means so no other party can misuse it in any other way possible.

Use of technical information

  • This type of information is completely related to technical aspects such as the number of views, how many clicks are done, to find regular visits, and to check how much engagement is going on at our website so we can track our performance.
  • This information is not directly related to you, but if any personal information is analyzed during the process, we assure you that we would not let it mislead and it is safe at our web place with the utmost protection.

Collecting information

It may also be possible that at a time to upgrade you with our offers we may send you RSS feeds, promotion calls, messages of new deals and try to provide you with the latest updates on newly rising projects at our place. However we try our best to not ask you any queries or to share personal information during the process, but if it is found that you are asked to, please check what the information message or mail says and then respond so we can make sure your information is protected at our website.

Use of rights

  • In case you wish not to receive such updates through emails on orders, offers, and projects, you do have the right to unsubscribe from such promotion calls or regular mails.
  • We would consider it as your own choice or decision and once you click to subscribe on mail, there is no sending of such updates to you anymore, so it depends on whether you want them or not for a better understanding of the things going around our platform.


  • We make sure to protect our website in the best ways possible through certain Encrypted ways and also by attaching a firewall so it remains safe from intruders and unknown visitors who have the intention to attack the web platform.
  • We also let our visitors understand that they are allowed to do activities on websites like exploring, looking for, or trying to find projects to choose for, but it is all done under strong protective gears attached to it so it can function well and continue to serve everyone.

We ask you to abide by this entire policy and be assured that our website is safe and your information would remain protected by our strong terms specially designed for you.

It is in our effort to make sure that not only you are shared with information but your information also remains preserved and we make our best efforts possible through our privacy policy to preserve it with utmost care with no misuses, sharing, or affect to it.