Refund And Cancellation

Our Refund And Cancellation Policy

We don’t believe much in refunds as we trust our customers to purchase the best possible web solutions and be satisfied with the utmost creations done by us. Our efforts are very clear to create the project and make it on the best terms possible. However, there are certain conditions that seem to be considered where a refund has to be provided in which few of them are mentioned here.
  • In case you have paid in advance and the project has been started or it has to be stopped midway, then the refund would not be possible from our side in such conditions.
  • In case, the project has not been started and you have asked for a refund beforehand, then it would be possible to return your payment.
  • In other conditions, if the project has been completed and the delivery is done, and you find some issues and wish to apply for a refund, then it would not be possible to provide you.
  • If we find that your requirement is not fulfilled and we are not able to create such a project, thus in such a case as the project hasn’t started, we would try to make your refund possible.
  • Payment will be refunded through the same payment mode from which the transaction has taken place.
  • Our refund policy includes 5-7 working days to initiate the refund payment for any cancellation.
We hope that you do agree to our refund policy and understand the conditions mentioned where it may be possible or not. If you have doubts and want to express a view, it is better you connect us on call, social media, or contact us. We would try to address your problem and settle your project.