Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

To purchase our products that come in wide range and selection, you must follow certain rules designed so everything can work smoothly and there should be no misuse, effects or inroads, or consequences to it.

To make it all accurate and helpful to understand, we bring to you our terms and conditions with all of them mentioned below, so it can be easy to highlight key facts, cover basic norms by which we stand on our terms, and help you make everything clear to you.

Online store terms

We entrust you with the fact that services you take are associated to under the age of majority and you would not use such services for any illegal, misleading, or other purposes that don’t seem to respect or affect the harmony of the community.

You agree to the fact that our services are only for professional use and should abide by the fact that their use should take place for prospering certain realms of the society.

General conditions

You must also agree with the terms that you should not redesign, duplicate, resell, copy, create, distribute, own the responsibility, or in any other way should try to distribute our projects in any illegal means in practice and it should only result to take appropriate action possible, so we ask you to abide by terms of using it for your own specific needs.


We do provide on-time updates on certain orders, offers, administrative newsletters, and email services to communicate with you.

It is better to presume that they are part of our services and should let you update on our new coming projects only.

Description of services

However, we do provide a large range of services such as web design and web development, online services, mobile application, and project management application.

YOu may consider them as our core services and can use them only either for your personal or business purposes and abide by the above terms of not misusing for other means possible.

Services to choose

There is a large variety of services to choose from so we are going to highlight them here briefly to give you a basic idea.

However, as part of our terms, if you look to have advanced features of any of them, or want to add any specific need, then you may have to pay extra charges for certain required services.

Content writing- We provide associate services to write content in various categories so you can get proper technical content for your website. Our plans start from 100$ onwards.

SEO- Our efficient team is able to arrange SEO ranking, build up and google analytics to enhance your website presence. Our plans start from 300$ onwards.

Export PSD to HTML- If you want to convert an image format to a web page layout, we do have experts in such a field to give you perfect aid. Our plans start from 250$ onwards.

PSD and HTML- We also have an expert who is familiar with photo editing and web page design services and helps you develop a smart framework. Our plans start from 200$ to 250$ onwards.

E-commerce website– We do have smart agents available who are familiar with PHP and other languages to create a perfect E-commerce website for your business purposes. Our plans start from 750$ onwards.

Classic website- IN other words, if you want a unique and classic web design through advanced SQL and PHP, then we can also create it for you. Our plans start from 550$ onwards.

Simple website- However, if your needs are limited and you want simple web creation, then we do have services to make it possible too. Our plans start from 400$ onwards.

These are a few services we do offer and as our terms mentioned, you may be charged differently and on the basis of the projects or multiple roles you want in any of the chosen options available.


We do have the right to modify prices, rates, charges, and applicable processes on a timely basis to continue with better standards of service.

We do ask you to keep the website on the regular check so you can have an idea of our newly modified prices so you do not get confused and can continue to ask for required services.

Accuracy of information

We may however not be responsible for any incorrect information available on our website and we can’t be liable for any misinformation if you find it on our website.

If you have doubts about any product related information and want to clear your queries, it is better to contact us and resolve your problems.


  • In case you have paid in advance and the project has been started or it has to be stopped midway, then the refund would not be possible from our side in such conditions.
  • In case, the project has not been started and you have asked for a refund beforehand, then it would be possible to return your payment.
  • In other conditions, if the project has been completed and the delivery is done, and you find some issues and wish to apply for a refund, then it would not be possible to provide you.
  • If we find that your requirement is not fulfilled and we are not able to create such a project, thus in such a case as the project hasn’t started, we would try to make your refund possible.
  • Payment will be refunded through the same payment mode from which the transaction has taken place.

Fees and payment

If there is a certain process of fees if you have considered membership at our platform which gets renewed either on a monthly or yearly basis and you should be updated prior to the deadline getting closer so you can pay prior to the end of your subscription either through credit card or other billing options.

As for payment of the asked services, we do provide certain billing methods at our website to pay for products, packages, and projects so you can pay once you have confirmed to ask for any such service and we try to make sure that your billing information remains confidential and not be shared to any other third party platform.

Accuracy of billings and account

However, in another case, we may not be liable for the information of billing and account we provided on our website whether being accurate or not and we can’t be subject to any legal promptness for the specific information given as it is put only for financial custom purposes on the website.

These are our main terms and conditions which we request you to follow strictly or not abiding by them may cause you problems in the longer term.

We try to make it equally functioning and help you provide the best possible aid we can, but it has to be in order and settled in certain terms and we expect every user to come under it and follow proper terms with us.