Use CSS Frameworks for building responsive website

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CSS framework is a necessary element that is added by web developers during front end development of a website to make it eye-catching and interactive.

Even a newbie with no coding knowledge can use it effectively because of its ready to use and pre-build components.

Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Bootstrap- It is the most popular out of everyone.Twitter had presented it in 2011.It is a popular open source platform with availability of multiple templates meant for every kind of website.
    1. It includes features like ready to use components that do not mess with code.
    2. It will create well-structured pages as navigation bar, grids, alerts, models, and many more are included in it.
    3. It is customisable with the help of SAAS variables.
    4. It is less flexible in case of experimental designs.
    5. JQuery dependency as it doesn’t use CSS only.
    6. Not lightweight
  • Bulma –
    1. It is a modern CSS framework that has the CSS flexbox layout module. It creates a flexible layout of the page that allows more content to be viewed at a particular moment.
    2. It is developer friendly as it allows ready to use components along with naming conventions
    3. It can be customised using SAAS.
    4. It can be used along with JavaScript frameworks effectively.
    5. It is less accessible in comparison to bootstrap.
  • Tailored CSS-
    1. It is lightweight in comparison to bootstrap.
    2. It allows you to implement multiple designs
    3. It offers Utility classes that state the result of coding.
    4. It have reusable components
    5. It is customizable through SAAS variables
    6. But it lacks some pre-build components that makes it less convenient to non experienced users.
    7. Many features are unavailable so you have to use it with other tools like webpack.
  • Ulkit-
    1. It is widely used in WordPress for its theme pages.
    2. It allows complex frontend layout, slide bars and parallax designs.
    3. Real time customisation using SAAS.
    4. It is convenient for experienced web developers.
    5. It is not so popular as compared to other frameworks.


Framework selection is based upon your priorities like for flexibility in designs or lightweight frameworks go for tailored CSS and bulma, for long term work use bootstrap.