Why use pre- processors with CSS for better output

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Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) is used for designing a website where it works in integration with HTML. Slide bars, header, footer regions, body- the whole layout is controlled by CSS.

SASS means Systematically Awesome Style Sheets. It acts as a CSS preprocessor that means it has its own oriented and comprehensive syntax used along with CSS for easier and manageable CSS code.

It is widely used in comparison to other css preprocessors.

SASS is mostly used for complex websites. It is based on sassScripts.

CSS have certain drawbacks like-

  • It is a sophisticated language and involves html while coding.
  • Rewrite the code for slightest change
  • It’s syntax works in blocks that make it quite messy
  • redundancy in coding
  • CSS classes and rules are difficult to dealt with
  • Lack of advanced selectors
  • It doesn’t allow reusable variables
  • Doing nesting in CSS is a hectic job

SASS deals better with above mentioned drawbacks of CSS.

  • The architecture of language is oriented and comprehensive.
  • It is compiled with CSS
  • It eliminates block syntax that is quite useful feature
  • It provides reusable variables
  • It has CSS selectors to style specific html elements in CSS
  • It’s newer version is SASS Version 3 also known as SCSS.
  • SASS has its own syntax that is later converted into a separate file to the standard CSS code. SASS syntax resembles ruby.
  • SASS supports numerous templates, functionalities, highlights and capacities as in comparison to CSS.

Sass facilitates features like

  • Sass Variables uses variables to store values and edit whenever needed. Sass variables are imperative so it doesn’t affect the previous usage when editing it later. But in case of css variables,it affects previous usage.
  • Nesting is supported in sass, which solves readability issues in projects. Use the ‘nav’ tag for  structuring the program.
  • Mixins are used for creating side effects. It can be reused to define styles and can take arguments for customization.
  • Sass Imports creates smaller versions of files that help in maintenance. It imports files faster than css.
  • Function defines complex operations on sass scripts. It is used to compute values effectively.